Welcome Shooters, to PDX Squared 2019!

This year we are tightening our map down to 50 well considered squares. They still have four sides, and are LARGE! And we have created four distinct areas of greater Portland for you to play in!

Your square IS randomly assigned when you walk in on Friday!

It is widely known, practiced, and taught in the photography and art education world that constraint is a great way to kick-start creativity. PDX Squared was created with this concept in mind and we firmly believe that the physical and time constraints built into the event are a fantastic way to encourage amazing work.

We strongly encourage you to create your images in your assigned square.

To get a better understanding of all the categories, the craft awards and the rules, you are encourage to download your Shooters Packet and review it before Friday. When you come on Friday to register (3-5pm), bring your questions and share them with your POD and POD Leader.