What does Portland Squared cost?

REGISTRATION: $75 ASMP/OPPA members, $95 and non-members, and $50 for students.  

Registration includes:

• Entrance in the contest

• Catered Dinner Saturday night

• 2 tickets for Beer, Wine, Water and Soda (must be 21+ to receive the beer, duh). More tickets can be purchased.

• Live judging (instant feedback on contestants' images)

• Prizes for each category

$30 tickets to attend dinner and live judging also available for non-contestants.


Do I have to be an ASMP Member?  Do I have to be a professional photographer?

No and no.  ASMP Members, non-members, and students are invited, and all skill levels are encouraged.


When and where do we meet?

We are happy to announce that once again we will be taking over Splash Worldwide at 416 NE 8th, Portland, OR 97232. Friday, May 17th photographers receive their square anytime between 3 and 5pm.  Saturday, May 18th, group editing begins at 1pm, images are due at 4pm sharp! Judging begins at 5pm with prizes awarded at the end of each category. Event ends at 8 pm'ish.

see a map


How long do I have to shoot?

Once you receive your square assignment between 3 and 5 p.m. on Friday, May 17th, you may immediately begin shooting.  Group editing is from 1-4 p.m. on Saturday, May 18th, but you may shoot during this time, as well.  However, all contest submissions are due to your Pod Leader, properly named, by 4 p.m. (NO exceptions).


Do I have to shoot the whole time?

No. You choose the amount of shooting you want to do in the 24 hour period.


Do I have to shoot only in my square?

It is widely known, practiced, and taught in the photography and art education world, that constraint is a great way to kick-start creativity. PDX Squared was created with this concept in mind and we firmly believe that the physical and time constraints built into the event are a fantastic way to encourage amazing work.

We strongly encourage you to create your images in your assigned square. Images created outside of the PDX Squared map will not be accepted.


Is water included in the shooting area?

The river is not included as a section, though anyone can photograph that area if they choose.


Is there camera gear available to borrow?

YES! Pro Photo Supply will be hosting tables for Sony, Sigma, Canon, Lensbaby, Tamron and more. Each will be on site to loan out a variety of gear on a first come, first come basis. Sony & Sigma will also be loaning out gear prior to registration check-in at a free advanced gear loan event, click for more info. A credit card and/or driver license may be required to leave with loaner gear.


Do I have to submit square cropped images?

No, all crops, from square to panoramic, are welcome.


Do I need model releases?

We leave model releases up to the discretion of the photographer and is always good practice.  However, in the case of disputes, persons, places, and/or objects appearing within all submitted images should be fully and properly released and will be the responsibility of the photographer.


Can I stage, set up, or use models in my images?  Can images be manipulated?

Yes, as long as you DO NOT enter the images in the Documentary category.


What are the “journalistic standards” for the Documentary category?

Please refer to the NPPA Code of Ethics, https://nppa.org/code_of_ethics


What is an editing pod?

Each contestant will be assigned to an editing pod and Pod Leader to serve as a resource.  Each pod consists of around 10 photographers and one leader to help with editing, file naming, submission, and to answer questions.  During the group editing, we encourage you to sit and mingle with your pod. This is a chance to share your work and adventures from the day.  All contest submissions will be due to your Pod Leader by 4 p.m., NO exceptions.


Do I need a laptop?

Yes, please bring your own laptop for the editing pod session (1-4 p.m. Saturday). If you do not have one, email asmp.events@gmail.com to make alternate arrangements. 


Can ASMP board members, and PDX Squared Volunteers compete?

Board member and volunteers can compete as long as they pay the entry fee.  Or they can choose to photograph anywhere in the PDX Squared map and compete for the Volunteers Awards.

Can PDX Squared POD Leaders compete?

POD Leaders can not compete in the regular competition. However they can choose to photograph anywhere in the PDX Squared map and compete for the Volunteers Awards.

How many images may I submit?

Each entrant may submit up to a total of 4 entries. Entries in the series category count as a single entry and may contain 3 to 5 images. 


What size and color should my submitted images be?

3000 pixels on the longest side in Adobe SRGB color space.


Who are the Judges? 

To be determined. To view their profile visit the judges page.


How does the live judging work?

Click here for details.


What are the categories?

• Portrait: A photograph of a person or persons. This can be staged or environmental.
• Documentary Photography: A Photograph that truthfully portrays people, places or things. See NPPA rules.
• Urban Landscape: A photograph of or relating to the man-made environment.
• Natural World: A photograph of or relating to the natural environment.
• Series of 3 to 5: A group of photographs that have an intrinsic connection.
• Portlandia: Keep Portland Weird - A photograph that shows the uniqueness of Portland.

CRAFT Awards: Rewards to excellence in photographic craft and technique. You can't submit images for these awards, the judges nominate them during live judging. Winners will be announced during the 2nd intermission.

• Best use of Framing
• Best use of Directed Light
• Best use of In-Camera Time & Motion (Blur or Stop Action)
• Best use of Creative Focus
• Best use of Black and White

• Volunteers Award (judges select top 3 staff/volunteer/sponsor submitted images, and choose 1 -3 winners.)


Do I keep my copyright?

Yes, of course!  All photographers retain the copyright to their images.


What can I win?

Our fabulous sponsors will be providing prizes, including product or services from Pro Photo Supply. As we secure prizes we will be updating our website. So stay tuned! 


Can I invite a guest(s)?

Yes. $30 tickets are available to attend dinner and live judging.  However, anyone attending the event must be registered in advance. 


Can I get a refund?

Full refunds for Participant tickets are available until Friday, May 10th, one week before the event, after which we can offer a 50% refund, 3 days before the event (Tuesday, May 14, 2019).  For Non-Contestant tickets, a full refund up to 1 day before the event (Thursday, May 16, 2019). No-shows for all ticket types will not be refunded. To obtain a refund, please email asmp.events@gmail.com.


Is there a waiting list?

Yes, when all available contestant slots are taken, we will begin a waiting list. Sign up for the wait list at the registration page.


Is there a contact if I have additional questions?

Yes, email asmp.events@gmail.com.